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Rules of the Forum

Post by Metal Sonic on Mon Jul 06, 2015 3:08 am

These are the rules for the forum: This applies to everything, even our chat!
1. No swearing
2.No posting anything inappropriate. Ex: links, pics, etc. If you are unsure about something, I wouldn't do it.  Evil or Very Mad
3.If you are a moderator on this forum and you get caught breaking any of the rules, you will automatically be demoted. You would have to build trust again.
4. No bullying others. No calling them names or being mean. That includes being racist, making fun of their beliefs, etc.
5. No crying or getting upset or calling people names if they disagree with you on something. We are "big boys/men, big girls/women" here. If you are going to get upset, then you can leave the forum.
6. No threatening to hack or trying to hack. If you threaten this forum or try to hack us, you will banned faster than you can say my name.  Evil or Very Mad
7. Keep on topic for the forum! Ex: if you are posting on the CP comedy corner, post things that you think are funny and Club Penguin related.
8. Flooding gets annoying. Do it somewhere else.
9. Final rule. You may advertise any parties you may be hosting, but only on our chat.
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